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10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me

Anyone who reads my blog pretty much knows my life story. But most people who read don’t know much about the “real me.” So here you have it:

10 things you probably didn’t know about me! 

  1. I’m awkward. Like. Painfully awkward. In real life, I’m either really embarrassing to be around, or I make you feel much better about yourself because of my awkwardness. I’m an embarrassingly horrible dancer. I also have an RBF. Just throwing that out there.
  2. I LOVE music. I know everyone loves music, but I LOVE it. I have something playing on iTunes any chance I get. More specifically, I love good music. I’m not a huge fan of most stuff on the radio today; I guess I’m a hipster like that. I listen to a lot of oldies (The Beatles are my number one forever), alternative rock, and folk music. Nothing can calm me down, pump me up, make me happy, or sad in an instant like music. I also love to play guitar, and sing. Mostly in the car- sorry Eric.
  3. My name is not Melinda. Just kidding, it really is. But Eric is pretty much the first person in my life to actually call me by my name. Even now he mostly calls me babe or sweetheart. My family calls me Dinda or Mins (so random, I know), and all of my friends up to college called me Mel. Now that I’m grown up more and more people call me Melinda, but my family and friends use the nicknames.
  4. I enjoy change. Not like money (although I do enjoy money), but like a change of pace. I love getting rid of things, moving, rearranging furniture, and switching up my route home from work. I get bored easily and need to have a change in scenery one way or another as often as possible.
  5. I love to clean. This one is a little bit of a legitimate problem for me. I suffer from depression and anxiety. When things aren’t clean I get SUPER anxious which turns me into a little bit of a basket case. Cleaning eases my anxiety to the point where it’s a wee bit obsessive. I guess it’s good and bad at the same time. I’ve been super busy lately and haven’t had as much time to keep my house up to “my standards” so my apologies to my friends and family for the added dose of crazy. Love you all.
  6. I’m a bargain hunter. I wouldn’t DARE pay full price for anything knowing that it will most likely end up in the clearance section. Occasionally I splurge on something, but more often than not I head right to the back of the store where I belong. Thrift stores are also my jam. Poppin’ tags.
  7. I hate Indian Food. Sue me. It looks and smells gross. It’s Eric’s favorite food on the other hand, which has been the biggest issue in our marriage. I also hate S’Mores.
  8. I can do the splits. When I was a baby, my sisters used to play with my legs and make me do the splits (because babies are flexible like that). We’re all convinced that they did something to me because after all of these years, through all of my babies, I can still do the splits at any given moment.
  9. I can’t french braid. I’m really bad at doing hair in general, really. My hair is always straight, curly, in a ponytail or bun. If it looks any better than that it’s because someone else did it for me. My poor daughter never has cool hair like the other girls.
  10. I remember clothes. I feel like my “pregnancy fog” is stuck for good, but there’s one thing that I have a sharp memory for: my outfits. I can tell you what I wore for any (somewhat) significant event since I was in elementary school. First days of school, birthday parties, dates, meeting new people for the first time (I usually remember what THEY were wearing as well), holidays, taking pregnancy tests (haha)… just ask me and I bet I remember.

There you have it! Thanks for letting me show you my weirdness. Also thanks to Piper and Scoot for this adorable dress! I’m obsessed. Erin K. Photo did a pretty great job making me look as normal as possible in these pictures. She’s a miracle worker, I tell you.

My (Beautiful) Dress // Piper and Scoot

Photographer // Erin K. Photo