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Dear Mama, Enjoy Your Baby

Mama’s of the world: Enjoy your baby. It’s SO cliché, but time goes by way too fast.

Ellie was a tough baby. That’s an understatement. By far. I love her to death, but she. was. TOUGH. Having Ellie first was like being baptized by fire and initiated into Motherhood 101 right from the get go. If you knew her as a baby, you can attest to this. I remember constantly thinking: “This will pass. She will grow out of this. Things will get easier. I’ll be able to sleep again.” I was in survival mode for at least 6 months. I didn’t really have time to soak her in as a baby, which still makes me sad. I was always waiting on the next milestone. When she started sitting, I could’t wait for her to crawl. When she was crawling I couldn’t wait for her to walk. When she started walking (at 9 months), I couldn’t wait until she could hold my hand and listen to me. I couldn’t wait for her hair to grow so I could put it in piggy tails. I couldn’t wait for her to get bigger so she could fit into certain outfits and shoes. When her first birthday rolled around, I was SO excited! I was happy that we were out of the tough baby stage. I wasn’t really “sad” that she was turning one, because I was way more excited about the things that were to come.

Now that miss Ellie is a walking, sass talking, opinionated, brilliant 3 year old, I look back and wish so badly that I would have soaked her baby-ness. I should have wished for time to slow down, rather than wishing for it to speed up.

When I found out I was pregnant again, I was determined to make the most out of this baby. I wanted to enjoy my pregnancy, and really take in the baby stage. I hoped and prayed every single day for an easier baby, but I knew that even if this baby was tough like Ellie, I could handle it. I promised that no matter what, I was going to enjoy this kid to the fullest.

Enter baby Max.


If you don’t believe that God answers our prayers, believe it people. Max was the answer to all of my easy baby prayers. And I believe I have fulfilled my promise in cherishing this boy. My baby just turned one. This time around, I’m very sad. I’ve loved just about every bit of the last 365+ days with my happy boy.

Being in the moment with Max hashelped me to really be in the moment with Ellie as well. I’ve been able to give my kids the love and attention that they deserve. I’m not a perfect parent, and I’m constantly working on being the best for my children. But I sure do love the heck outta them.

Time is never going to speed up or slow down. The trick is using the most of the time that we’re given.

Mama’s, cherish those little fingers and toes. Kiss them during the midnight feedings. Rock them a little longer. Play with them. Sing and read to them. Push them down when they start standing up. Just kidding. DON’T do that. But please DO enjoy those babies.

My Dress (It’s from the maternity section and it has POCKETS) // Pink Blush

Cute Blanket // Rafe + Moose

Photography // Merry Happy Photo