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My Goofy Boy

I wanted to take pictures with both of my kids in my room so I could show off this AMAZING wall hanging made for me by the very talented Kayli from Arrow to the Heart.

Isn’t it beautiful!? I’m SO in love with all the detail involved. It’s perfect for our little place!

Ellie wasn’t interested in taking pictures with her brother so it turned into just a fun shoot with my chubby baby! He was being SO goofy and funny the whole time. He has crumbs all over his face, a big mark on his head from falling, and I had to save his life about 20,000 times from crawling off the bed, but we got some cute pictures! This boy has brought so much love and joy into my life. He’s creeping up on 11 months and it’s the most bittersweet thing in the world. I so badly want him to stay teeny tiny, but I also love seeing him hit all of these milestones and grow to be such a funny, loving, happy little boy. The tattered bear he’s holding is also named Max after my dad. I received him nearly 20 years ago as a gift from Santa and I’ve held onto him ever since. I’m not the most sentimental person in the world, but it really is so cool to see my kids loving on things I had when I was a kid.

Max is legit either on the move, shoving food (or non food) items into his mouth, pulling hair, laughing, clapping, smiling, or sticky at any given point in the day. He is a tank weighing in at nearly 500 lbs (k but really it feels like that), but he has the sweetest spirit. I’m so blessed to be his mama. Here’s a few more shots from my iPhone in case you didn’t get enough.