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The Coolest Camping Accessory



My family loves to camp. We love to go to lakes, mountains, deserts, anywhere that we can be outside and unplug. Over the years I’ve found some pretty cool camping tools to make our trips easier, but this year I hit the JACKPOT. My awesome friend Lauren over at Hello Whimsy told me about this new camping gadget and I had to try it out.  It’s called a Dadpak, and it’s basically a backpack you can strap camping chairs (or anything else big and bulky) in. Those things are SUPER annoying to lug around, so I think this idea is genius.

Check out their site here!

Last weekend we spent some time up at Pineview Reservoir here in Utah and this thing was so handy with setting up and taking down everything. My husband just put it on at the car and had free hands to take lots of other stuff down to our spot at the beach. It seriously saved us a trip (which was quite the walk) allowing us more time for fun. We have a few more camping trips planned in the near future and I can’t wait to use it again! Obviously, it’s not just for dads; anyone can use it! I also plan on brining this along to my nephews soccer games in the fall. I’m all about making life a little more simple and this thing does just that for me!

Here’s a little photo reel of our awesome day at the lake with my family!