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The Raddest Father’s Day Gift

When Eric and I went on our fourth date, we talked about what we wanted to do for our dream jobs. I told him that even though I loved art and would love to make a career of that, I wanted to be a mother. He told me that although he loved pharmacy and science, his ultimate dream job was to be a father. I think we fell in love right then and there. When Ellie was born, Eric jumped into the parent roll even more naturally than me. The love he has for our kids, and the love our kids have for him is indescribable. I hit the jackpot with this boy.

Confession time: My husband is way more stylish than me. Like, it’s embarrassing sometimes haha. Every single year I draw a blank on what to get this guy for Father’s Day. I never know what I can get that will be cool enough for him. How in the world can I come up with a gift that will show this amazing man how great he is?! He is hands down the best husband, and the best father for our children.

When I found out about JORD watches, I knew it would be the perfect thing. These watches are high quality, durable, and look insanely rad. They’re neutral enough to go with pretty much anything, yet stand out as a statement piece. One of the few times in our marriage, I knocked it out of the park in the gift giving department.

There’s still time before Father’s Day to snatch up one of these beauties! If you procrastinate like me, you can enter the giveaway on my Instagram page to get $100 off your next purchase! Ps, they makes watches for ladies too. I’m seriously obsessed with this watch.

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